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Nail Clipping

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Nail Clipping:

Foot health is a very important part of your pets requirements. Over long claws can lead to pain, chronic problems with the pads and toes and difficulty walking normally.

Normal exercise should be enough to wear down your pets claws naturally. However many pets exercise on soft ground or are kept inside. We recomend you check your pets nails routinely and come and see us if you need them clipping.


It beneficial for all dogs to become accustomed to having their feet touched and nails clipped as it can be a common source of anxiety. Getting their claws examined from an early age is a great idea,

Some owners clip there own pets nails, this is prefectly acheivable and if you would like advice on appropriate clippers then please call in for a chat. However, if nails are clipped too short they can bleed profusely; this can be a problem when the animal has dark or mixed colour nails.


You can make an appointment for your pets nails to be clipped or mention it to us when you book a grooming appointment.


We do not recomend that cats that go outside have their nails clipped routinely. House cats and elderly cats may need their nails checked more frequently.