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Bathing and Grooming

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We can bath your pet using any prescribed medicinal products. Please let us know if your pet has allergies or special requirements


All dogs benefit from regular grooming whether short or long haired.  Grooming keeps your dog coat clean by removing dirt and dead hair and encourages new hair growth it also reduces the amount of hair deposited around the house!

Grooming also prevents the formation of knots which may lead to skin problems.


Dogs that are groomed regularly will look their best – most owners take a pride in their dogs looking smart.


During grooming your groomer will inspect your dog’s coat and skin and check for parasites or any suspicious lumps or bumps.  Many health problems and issues can be brought to the owner’s attention this way.  Living with your dog on a daily basis it may be difficult to spot small changes – while your pet is being groomed we handle every inch of their body.



Regular grooming of all pets can help contribute to longer, healthier lives. The benefits of having your pet groomed regularly can include making your pet more comfortable and clean, as well as having attention paid to often over-looked parts of your dog.


Contrary to popular belief it is not harmful for your dog to have frequent baths.  With todays modern shampoo’s and conditioners essential oils will not be stripped from your dogs coat.  In fact with proper analysis of your dogs coat we can match the shampoo and improve the condition of your dogs coat.


We only use high quality shampoo and conditioner, and will select the ones that give the most benefit to your dogs coat.  This may be a no-tangle conditioning shampoo, medicated shampoo’s to treat a variety of different skin conditions, a colour enhancing shampoo or a deodorising shampoo.


Maintenance bath can be given between trims to ensure you dog stays clean, sweet smelling and free from knots and tangles.

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